H.I.S. Sounding Board

The H.I.S. Sounding Board is an internal group of H.I.S., which includes parents and members of the school Leadership Team.

The purpose of the Sounding Board is to enhance and encourage further communication within the H.I.S. community and potentially other interested parties by advising, counselling and supporting the school management to fulfil the H.I.S. Guiding Statements by:

  • ensuring that decision-making by the Leadership Team includes parent perspectives;
  • helping the school Leadership Team identify and understand important current school topics and matters;
  • bringing parent ideas and issues, outside of day-to-day or classroom management, to the attention of the school management;
  • supporting school decisions by speaking to H.I.S. parents, parents interested in the school for their children, or other interested parties;
  • presenting parent feedback on larger potential projects or initiatives for school development before such plans are confirmed.

Sounding Board membership should reflect all areas of the school, PYP, MYP and DP, as well as a diversity of cultural backgrounds. Parents may request or be suggested to join the Sounding Board when openings arise.