Make Change Possible e.V.

H.I.S. has a long-standing cooperation with the charitable organization Make Change Possible (MCP). Formally founded in June 2010, MCP is a non-profit organization, with the aim of getting people across nations and races to work together, as equal partners, by actively engaging in the local community’s life, in Namibia, Africa. A former H.I.S. student, Lawrence G and a former H.I.S. teacher, Monika Handwerker, were responsible for the founding of MCP. The first official MCP H.I.S. CAS trip in July 2010, took two students for three weeks to work with the people of Mayana, Namibia. The cooperation continues to this day and as of 2018 more than 20 H.I.S. Grade 11 students and their supervising teachers have carried out individual CAS Projects in Namibia. In addition, H.I.S. students from other Grade levels and their families have also attended the ‘MCP Friends’ trips. 

The H.I.S. MCP ‘working group’ was set up to develop and support events to educate and raise awareness for MCP, such as hosting the MCP Dinner, the MCP Fleamarket and the MCP Fair. A number of sporting events have also been initiated by the H.I.S. community, such as The Neckar Challenge, The Mayana 24hr Challenge and also participation in the Mannheim Marathon.