Throughout my teaching career, I have been lucky enough to experience a wealth of variety, from working in inner-city schools to private and international schools. I have taught all primary classes, from Early Primary 1 to Grade 5 and enjoy the very different developmental stages of each. I am particularly interested in child psychology, raising student achievement, positive behaviour management and special educational needs.

A commitment to collaborative planning is central to the philosophy of the PYP. As Programme Co-ordinator, I have a pivotal role in this process to ensure that the curriculum standards for implementation are understood by staff, and that the programme is planned, taught and assessed collaboratively in order to support and improve student performance.

Together with other members of the school’s pedagogical Leadership Team, I am responsible for the whole-school implementation of the Programme and its development. I work collaboratively with all members of the PYP teaching team, and I am involved in whole-school planning, as well as professional development in- and out- of school. I work with all members of staff to develop a school culture that reflects the qualities of the IB Learner Profile. In addition I communicate with the IB regional office and circulate all relevant information received from the IB; ensuring that teachers, parents and staff are kept up-to–date with current developments in the Programme. I prepare and submit any documentation required for evaluation, driving the Programme from one evaluation to the next.

At H.I.S. we nurture our students as inquirers and lifelong learners who are balanced and have the tools to “make a difference” in this unpredictable and ever-changing world. It is therefore of paramount importance in the primary years to lay solid foundations for the future by addressing students’ physical, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual needs. The rigorous PYP challenges students’ potential. Teachers are also challenged to use a range of assessment tools to inform their next steps and monitor student progress. To ensure that parents have a clear picture of the children’s ability and progress, we provide regular written reports and host parent meetings (including 3-way conferences) and offer opportunities for portfolio-sharing. Find out more about the PYP, at and look out for specific H.I.S. parent information evenings and class teacher workshops throughout the year. Alternatively, as I am always happy to meet with parents to discuss our programme, e-mail for an appointment at

Kate von Gizycki

PYP Co-ordinator