IB PYP Exhibition

The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition is an opportunity for Grade 5 students to showcase what they have learned throughout primary school. Whether students have been at Heidelberg International School since Early Primary or have just joined us in Grade 5, every child starts Exhibition with prior knowledge, concepts and skills. Exhibition celebrates the unique journey each child has taken and prepares each of them for the next steps as they transition to secondary school.

The PYP Exhibition is one of six Units of Inquiry, that take place during the course of the school year, in which students take complete ownership of the direction of their learning. During this student-let unit, students do an in-depth inquiry into their personal interests, as well as local and/or global issues. The purpose of this culminating project is to promote agency, creativity, collaboration, application of learning and taking action. Throughout the process, students, teachers, mentors, parents and other members of the community work together in an experience incorporating the essential elements of the PYP.