The Early Primary classes at H.I.S. are the first stage of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and are appropriate for children from the age of four to six. These formative years serve as a firm foundation for learning, while encouraging the development of key communication and social skills, such as interacting with others and working within a group.

On entering school for the first time, young children already have a range of experiences, skills and interests which have begun to shape them as individuals. Their imagination, curiosity and interest in all things new allows them to be open to exploring, testing and challenging their knowledge and abilities and their confidence develops in this exciting and creative atmosphere. At H.I.S. we believe that this early childhood development is best supported and nurtured in a play-based environment where children know their ideas and experiences are valued.

Literacy and numeracy skills are developed through play-based activities, which allow children to make connections between what they already know and their discoveries about the world around them. Individual learning styles are addressed through practical experiences with everyday materials with a focus on purposeful inquiry. This positive learning environment helps students approach their early education with wonder, enthusiasm and confidence.