Service & Action

Service and Action is where our MYP students participate in a whole range of activities that benefit others in the school and in the wider community. It is a requirement of the MYP and essential in allowing students to extend their experience of learning beyond the classroom and into the community. Service and Action at H.I.S. provides many opportunities for our students to engage in meaningful activities and events that make a difference to others and themselves. It is a key component of school life at H.I.S and facilitates our students in becoming global citizens.

At H.I.S our PYP students apply their learning within the classroom engaging in many Action activities.  Some examples are recycling, school flea market, changing eating habits, and the school garden.  MYP students plan, record and reflect upon their Service and Action activities in their homerooms in Managebac throughout the year. They can plan activities as a class or as an individual project.  Some examples have included fundraising bake sale events to raise money for a charity, organising a school dance, cooking, and raising awareness campaigns. Service and Action is also embedded into the school homeroom programme. Students choose to participate in a group activity once a week during each semester. Some examples of these groups are The Environment group, Refugees and the Homeless, Model United Nations, and Helping the EP’s. Service and Action is a great chance for our students to develop new skills and extend learning experiences.

H.I.S is also is keen on bringing the school community together with Service and Action involving students, teachers and parents in whole school events each year such as World Food Day and long established Waldpiraten Run where the whole school run laps to raise money for the Waldpiraten Camp who provide therapeutic activities for children in Germany with cancer.