MYP Co-ordinator

Sarah Al-Benna

My teaching career currently spans over 15 years, with half being in the UK system and the other being in IB. I have worked in a different range of schools in the UK, starting in the state system and moving into the international system. I have taught all grade levels of MYP science over the years as well as chemistry in the DP, so I have an overview of the skills the students should have at each age range and prepare them for any one of the DP sciences.

I am particularly interested in the development of scientific inquiry skills and the build-up of these over the years in the MYP. Scientific inquiry is not only about the practical work, but also about the nature of inquiry and the link to the knowledge that the students will attain. It forms an integral part of their science education.

I enjoy developing new tasks that allow students to think in an interdisciplinary manner and bring skills and knowledge across subject areas, in order to support their conceptual understanding. I am committed to collaborative planning, across the curriculum, which is an integral part of the philosophy of the MYP.

Together with the other members of the school’s pedagogical Leadership Team, I am responsible for overseeing the curriculum to ensure that all children gain an education that is guided by the IB’s philosophy and supported by our school’s mission and philosophy, which is evident throughout the Programme and the school. I work with and support the staff to implement the Programme according the standards of the IB.

At H.I.S. we nurture our students as inquirers and lifelong learners who are balanced and have the tools to “make a difference” in this unpredictable and ever-changing world. It is therefore of paramount importance in the middle years, to address students’ physical, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual needs. The rigorous MYP challenges students’ potential. Teachers are also challenged to use a range of assessment tools to inform their next steps and monitor student progress. To ensure that parents have a clear picture of the children’s abilities and progress, we provide access to Managebac, a system for use by students, parents and educators. Within this platform, students can access tasks and upload their work, which can be given written feedback and is available for both students and parents to see. Written reports are provided twice a year through Managebac, and we host two obligatory conferences for parents to meet their child’s individual teachers.

Find out more about the MYP on the IB Website: IB MYP. Also keep a look out for specific H.I.S. parent information evenings and parents workshops, which are held during the day, that cover a wide variety of issues relating to the IB MYP and the school such as understanding the MYP, using Managebac and reporting.

Alternatively, as I am always happy to meet with parents to discuss our programme, please e-mail for an appointment: