The following reductions are offered only to parents who pay all school fees privately and receive no school fee reimbursements or subsidies from their employer. The reductions apply to the Tuition Fees only.


If a family has more than two children enrolled at H.I.S., the following reductions will apply:

  • a 10% reduction for the third child enrolled.
  • a 15% reduction for the fourth child enrolled.

Long-term Enrolment

A 10% Tuition Fee reduction is possible for students who have been enrolled at H.I.S. for at least 4 full and consecutive years.

To take advantage of this reduction, parents must contact the Admissions Counsellor for verification of eligibility when re-enrolling their child for the 5th (or more) consecutive school year.

Financial Assistance

To encourage social diversity within the school, a reduction of the Tuition Fees may be possible for families who are otherwise not able to afford the full school fees. All applications and related financial information are dealt with on a strictly confidential basis within the school management.

For information or to apply for financial assistance, contact the Admissions Counsellor. The form “Application for Tuition Fee Reduction” must be submitted together with documentation of the family’s total income (typically, income tax assessment statements), and must be submitted when applying for admission to H.I.S. and annually thereafter when students are re-enrolled.