Contact & Visit

Whether you are moving from another city or another continent, or perhaps just looking into the possibility of a new local school for your child, we at H.I.S. understand your need to know as much as possible about a potential new school.

For this reason, we encourage all interested parents or families to come to H.I.S. for a visit before making any decisions about their child’s educational future. As the Admissions Counsellor, I will be happy to show you around our facilities, take you into the classrooms, explain our programmes and discuss what H.I.S. has to offer your family. My intention is to give you a personal experience of the learning environment and the welcoming atmosphere that your child would encounter at H.I.S.

With best wishes,

Anke Schumacher
Admissions Counsellor

Phone: +49 (0) 6221 - 75 90 60 0