Once parents/guardians have decided to apply to H.I.S., the procedure is as follows:

1. Complete and return the Application for Admission to H.I.S. and arrange for payment of the Administration Fee (as per the relevant Statement of Fees) by bank transfer.
Please note that payment of this fee does not assure acceptance of the student by the school. Refunds are possible only in certain cases. Please see Point 5.1 of the H.I.S. "Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen" (General Terms and Conditions).

2. Submit student's previous school reports to H.I.S. (most recent final or mid-term, as well as the previous 2 years' final reports).

3. Submit recent samples of student's school work: 3 each in mathematics (tests, homework or assignments) and in English (creative writing such as essays, book reports, journal entries or stories).

4. Arrange an appointment for the student to visit and be interviewed at H.I.S. Alternative arrangements may be possible for non-local students.

5. An admission decision can usually be made upon completion of the steps listed above and parents/guardians are notified accordingly by email.

6. When an offer of enrolment is made, parents/guardians receive an Enrolment Contract, which must be completed and returned to H.I.S. along with payment of the Entrance Fee. Completion of this step reserves placement for the student.

Admission decisions can be made by H.I.S. only after completion of all the required steps as listed under Application Procedure.

Decisions are communicated to parents as soon as possible. H.I.S. reserves the right to determine the appropriate grade level placement for each student.