Applying to H.I.S.

H.I.S. has an open enrolment policy, offering enrolment to students who can benefit from the educational provision offered, providing there are openings available. Special consideration is given to siblings and to applicants of the international community.

Applications for Admission are accepted throughout the year. As there can be wait-lists for some grades, it is recommended to apply by March. Please contact the Admissions Counsellor at any time to inquire about the availability of space.

The ability to speak English is generally not a requirement for applicants in Primary School but becomes increasing more important for applicants to Secondary School. It is usually a requirement for entry into the higher grades of the Secondary School.

Applications to Grade 12 can be considered only if the student is already enrolled in an IB Diploma Programme.

Students with severe learning disabilities can be admitted only if in the School Director's judgement, adequate provision can be made to meet their needs.

Submission of the Application for Admission and payment of the Administration Fee does not constitute enrolment of the student.