Age Requirements and Placement

Students are placed with due regard for their age, social development and previous schooling and in consultation with their parents.

In general the cut-off date for placement is October so that as a rule

students in:

should be:

Early Primary 1

4 years old before October 1st

Early Primary 2

5 years old before October 1st

Grade 1

6 years old before October 1st

Grade 2

7 years old before October 1st

and so on ...

In cases where there is an element of doubt about the placement of a student, we recommend that the student be placed in a lower grade level with the option of moving up a grade if appropriate.

The initial placement is tentative, and the school may advise a change of class after the student’s abilities have been thoroughly observed. Exceptions will only be made after thorough consultation with all parties concerned.

H.I.S. reserves the right to determine the appropriate grade level placement for each applicant.