We, the H.I.S. community, work together to facilitate the intellectual, emotional and social development of our students, to promote international understanding and enable students to make a difference to the world in which they live.


We believe that education is the key to individuals becoming responsible global citizens. We believe that education should address all aspects of the students’ development and that it should value and respect their individuality. The whole staff, parents and students themselves significantly contribute to the growth of the students’ intellectual curiosity, understanding, creativity and international mindedness.

The H.I.S. Definition of International Mindedness

A Journey from Self to Other
Open-mindedness is our constant companion on this journey. We need to develop an active and sensitive frame of mind, a respecting and caring attitude and a desire to know and explore otherness without fear.

With our minds open, we need to be nourished with cumulative experiences that shape our worldview. Through opportunities, which are fully integrated into school life, we become part of a flourishing culture of new perspectives.

We start to demonstrate an understanding of our diversity, by appreciating and respecting ourselves and others, and celebrating our origins and differences.

By connecting and co-operating with others, locally and globally, we begin to realise the interdependence of the natural, cultural and social systems of which we are part.

International mindedness becomes a collaborative commitment to peaceful and sustainable action worldwide.

Core Values

Respect is a fundamental value of our school, which influences, and is the basis for, the environment of learning at H.I.S. Respect for self and others is an integral part of our community, be it in the way we learn, what we learn, why we learn, where we learn or from whom we learn. We support respectful learning by encouraging everyone to appreciate and develop the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile (www.ibo.org) attributes by becoming:

• Inquirers
• Knowledgeable
• Thinkers
• Communicators
• Principled
• Open-minded
• Caring
• Risk-takers
• Balanced
• Reflective