Child Safeguarding at H.I.S.

H.I.S. strives to provide a safe learning environment for students. Any suspicion of abuse is dealt with in a prompt, respectful, appropriate and competent manner, and according to federal German law and in accordance to the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child. The H.I.S. Child Protection Policy is relevant for all adults interacting with children at H.I.S., including, but not limited to, parents, guardians, other family members, teachers, coaches, volunteers, assistants and administrative and support staff. Our Child Protection Handbook is available to the whole school community. It defines different types of abuse and provides an explanation of the procedure we follow if abuse is disclosed. The school has access to various consultative organisations, (AKJP-HD, SRH-HAP, Caritas-HD, and AWO) including the Jugendamt (child welfare authority), although H.I.S. will initially endeavour to conduct and manage situations of abuse internally.

Child Protection Education

The H.I.S. Child Protection Officer, School Counsellor and Student Support staff provide training to staff and workshops for parents. H.I.S. follows teacher and staff recruiting procedures, in accordance to recommendations from the CIS International Task Force on Child Protection and advice from other accrediting bodies.

The rights of the child at H.I.S. are reinforced through the development and delivery of:

  • Annual disclosure training for faculty and staff
  • Confidentiality agreements with visitors and volunteers
  • Instruction on recognising and reporting abuse
  • Support of curriculum addressing personal safety and rights delivered through age-appropriate lessons
  • Access to and informational sessions reviewing the Child Protection Handbook
  • Multiple annual meetings of a Child Protection Working Group to review safeguarding standards and recommend revisions to the H.I.S. Leadership Team